About Us

    We are young international company which is focused in applying of scientific research for the life. For this purpose we united many groups of inventors from the whole world.

    We work  for the wide popularization of our ideas. We hope that many of theese ideas can change our life for the best. And we will be glad to see you working with us as our partner or our customer.

    "Genesis corporation" was incorporated in the middle of 2010. We are working in many directions: geophysics, physics of high energy, pharmaceutics, agriculture etc.

    Our main scientific potential is concentrated in Ukraine. We have scientific groups in the Kharkov, Kiev, Sevastopol and Donetsk. We have strong connection with National academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

    Our experience allows us not only to provide services to search for minerals such as oil, gas or gold, but also to perform an audit (control) and management of oil&gas projects  not only by means of the GeoNMR method, and using traditional methods of modern electro-static survey and geochemical survey. Our experts can accompany drilling projects of oil, gas or water, checking or correcting of conducted decisions. If you have already started projects, we can help you in choosing the optimal sequence of drilling works, the location of wells in the area, a preliminary analysis of the depths of bedding etc. The testing of the wells after the drilling process also requires monitoring and adjusting  of the testing plans that we can fulfil with our specialists.